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5 Reasons to Choose Clínica REPLACE:

Largely Experienced Clinical Team leaded by Dra Fátima Garcês

ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) issued an important alert: all the surgeries need to be executed by doctors. At Clínica Replace, all surgeries are done by a largely experienced clinical team leaded by Drª Fátima Garcês.

Guaranteed Quality and Natural Results

We work with your satisfaction in mind and we achieve the best results for different types of cases, including patients without donor area. We work with the most prestigious physicians, researchers and companies in hair restoration. Dr. Fátima Garcês, our Founder and Clinical Director is the most experienced and well-regarded portuguese Doctor in hair restoration industry with 13 years of experience”.

Clinical Cases

Permanent Monitoring

We want you to feel supported. In addition, during the day, at Clínica Replace, you’ll have a private space for you to be at ease, and also, at your disposal, you will have a sleep night offer at the VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel & Spa for an up close follow-up, after surgery.

Responsible advisory

Our Team will always have your best aesthetic interests in mind but your health is our number one priority. We will not advise you to perform a treatment that we believe could be detrimental to your health and well-being.

A Space that adapts to you

Clínica Replace is one of a kind. We are permanently evolving  and implementing integrated technology in our space, so we personalise all your experiences as a patient at Clínica Replace. As an example, our surgery rooms are designed to meet your needs. Together, with our research team, we are thinking and building the future.

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Hair Medicine

Innovative and high technology hair treatments suited to each patient.

Hair Transplant
Beard Hair Transplant
Eyebrow Hair Transplant
Biofibre® Hair Implant
Hair Mesotherapy
Low Level Laser Therapy

Meet our Founder and Clinical Director Dr. Fátima Garcês

Clarify your doubts. Commitment free!

  • More than 13 years of experience with excellent results

  • High Technology Hair Restoration Systems

  • High Performance Team – up to 5000 hair follicles per session

  • The World’s first choice
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Our Patients Testimonies

I’ve done my hair transplant about one year ago and I’m getting ready to do my second one to cover the top of my head. The results were very good and my self-esteem jumped to the top with the change of my image. All the team is great. I recommend.
João Paulo
I highly recommend Clínica REPLACE. Excellent and warm environment. A fantastic team – friendly and mainly good humored, starting with Dr. Fátima Garcês.
Nuno Rafael Correia
Dr Fátima Garces, great professional. I have found a group of competent professionals, friendly, non-commercials, which is what you usually find in this area, and very assertive. Punctuality and perfect counseling. Thank you so much.
Maria Cardoso
I have done my hair transplant on May 11th and so far I’m extremely satisfied with the results. I also want to give a word of thanks to all staff for their friendlyness and kindness. I recommend!
Fernando Reis

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