Hair Transplant

The only surgical treatment in the correction of baldness of men and women. It is an autologous surgical procedure that transfers the person’s own hair, from certain areas of the scalp to the bald area, reconstructing it.

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Hair Transplant

Hair Restoration Transplant is the only effective surgical treatment for baldness correction. It effectively treats baldness of androgenic origin, caused by the destructive action of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a endogenous hormone, on the hair

Hair transplantation is an autologous surgical procedure (of the same individual), with hair being transfer from certain areas of the scalp to the bald area, reconstructing it.

A set of hair strands forms a structure called Follicle, which is inserted along the layers of the skin. These very small follicular units, about 0.8 mm in diameter and about 4 mm in length, are isolated one by one and implanted or placed adequately and effectively, singularly, in the bald area. Around 4 to 6 months after surgery, the growth of these transplanted hairs, begins to become visible. These transplanted hairs do not suffer the androgenic action of DHT, which means, that, after their growth, they will not fall for that same reason.

At Clínica REPLACE we work with FUE technique and with the most advanced tools to execute it. We use each tool according to each patient case (Robot ARTAS 9x, Choi implanter (DHI), among other instruments.

Hair Restoration with ARTASⓇ ROBOT 9X

ARTAS robotic system is the first and only robotic hair transplant in the world. Developed by researchers and leading physicians in the field of hair transplantation, the ARTAS ™ system uses state-of-the-art robotic technology, which noticeably assists physicians in performing difficult, repetitive and accurate movements, reducing manual unevenness and producing enhanced results. Unlike the older hair restoration procedures, it leaves no marks or scars visible, making the procedure virtually undetectable. It creates natural results and appearance without the side effects and recovery time of older procedures.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUE)

Another of the hair transplant techniques used at Clínica REPLACE is the FUE technique. Effective in the correction of baldness of androgenic origin in men and women, it is an autologous microsurgical procedure with the transfer of the person’s own hair from certain areas of the scalp (donor area) to the bald area, reconstructing it. About 4 to 6 months after surgery, the growth of these transplanted hairs begins to become visible. After their growth, they will not fall because of the action of the hormone DHT in the hair. There is no risk of rejection or scars.

Real People. Real Results.

The result of a hair transplant is guaranteed and depends on several factors

  • Be consulted by a surgeon for the correct diagnosis and guidance for proper treatment.

  • Have met the medical instructions pre and post-surgery.

  • No deterioration of the remaining hair (remaining or not transplanted). The hair transplant does not replace existing hair but rather re-populates areas without hair.

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    A Solution for All

    There are patients whose donor area is weak or even non-existent for several health reasons, making them ineligible for a hair transplant. For these patients there are already definitive solutions that allow them to feel good again with their hair and with themselves.

    Clínica REPLACE introduced in Portugal an innovative and exclusive method in our country: Biofibre® Hair Implant. Hair fibers made of biocompatible materials and impossible to distinguish  from your natural hair.

    If this is your case, here is our solution to your problem.

    One of Clínica REPLACE main goals is to guarantee permanent patient support in the search for better solutions for the resolution of their desires and discontents.

    More than treating hair loss or baldness, we are attentive to our patient’s desires and needs.

    A Clinic from people to people.

    • Effectively treats baldness of androgenic origin, the most common baldness in men and women.


    • HAIR TRANSPLANT MADE WITH F.U.E OR ROBOT ARTAS TECHNIQUE, PERFORMED BY Doctors chosen and supervised by dr. fatima garcês


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