Hair Mesotherapy

Treatment that stimulates hair growth and thickening and promotes the delay of baldness progression.

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Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an intra-lesional infiltrative treatment whose procedure consists of introducing a particular medication into the dermis, optimizing the quantity or dose required for the desired therapeutic effect.

Who is it for?

Mesotherapy is indicated for all cases where it is necessary to infiltrate a particular medicine to treat a capillary problem, such as the common loss of capillary density in Androgenic Alopecia. This treatment stimulates hair growth, attenuates the thinning process of hair strands delaying the onset of baldness.


An increase in growth and thickening of hair strands is expected, with increased density and coverage of the scalp.

One of Clínica REPLACE main drivers is to guarantee permanent patient support in the search for better solutions for the resolution of their desires and dissatisfactions.

More than treating hair loss or treating baldness, we are attentive to their desires and wills. From people to people.

  • Effectively delays the onset of baldness.

  • Appropriate treatments for each patient.

  • Supported by doctors recognized internationally as the best in their field.

  • Full and constant patient monitoring.

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