Biofibre® Hair Restoration Implant

Biofibre® Hair Implant is a hair restoration technique indicated to treat Androgenic Alopecia, general hair thinning, depletion of a donor area for hair transplant, scalp scars, scalp burns and also as an addition to other hair restoration techniques. Indicated for men and women, it’s a safe clinically tested procedure, with immediate aesthetic results.

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Biofibre® Hair Restoration Implant

Biofibre® Hair Implant is a hair restoration technique that uses medical grade polyamides fibres in bald areas, reconstructing them. It’s performed after administration of local anesthesia and allows to get the hair density required by the patient in a short period of time.

The hair Implant is indicated for men and women with all types of Alopecia, such as Androgenetic Alopecia, general hair thinning, depletion of a donor area for hair transplant, scalp scars, scalp burns that wish to have immediate aesthetic results and density of hair.

It’s also used as an addition to other hair restoration techniques.

What’s the difference among hair transplant and hair implant?

The hair transplant technique uses the patient own hair, when the patient has a scalp donor area with enough hair for a successful treatment. It requires surgical excision, one by one follicules collection and implantation. The surgery takes about 7 hours and final results can be expected after 8, 10 or even 16 months, depending on the intervention area.

The Biofibre® Implant uses a medical and clinically tested biofibre, compatible with a high percentage of the population, requires a compatibility test and it’s very similar to natural hair. Is indicated for men and women with all types of Alopecia, such as Androgenetic Alopecia, general hair thinning due to health problems, depletion of a donor area for hair transplant, scalp scars or scalp burns. It does not require excision and collection of tissues. The surgery time for 1500 hairs is of about 1 hour and painless after administration of local anesthesia. The results are immediate, with a natural look and visible at the end of each session.

A safe and clinically certified procedure

The Biofibre Implant is a surgical procedure totally safe, clinically tested and certified when performed by a qualified doctor. Clínica REPLACE doctors are certified by Medicap and Biofibre® Implant it’s an exclusive treatment in Portugal.

For more information about Biofibre® please refer to its offical website.

Imediate and natural results

Biofibre® implants are available in multiple colours, different shapes and in different lenghts, so the procedure is done according the patient natural hair in order to be indetectable and with a natural look. After the procedure, the results are immediate because the hairs are implanted with the lenght, shape and colour of wish. It’s not needed to shave or cut the hair so that the aesthetic results are immediate.

One of Clinica REPLACE main goals is to guarantee permanent patient support in the search for better answers for the resolution of the desires and dissatisfactions of its patients.

More than treating hair loss or baldness, we are attentive to our patient’s desires and needs.

A Clinic from people to people.

  • A safe and clinically certified surgical procedure

  • Immediate and natural results after the first session

  • Natural look hair

  • No need to cut your hair

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