Beard Hair Transplant

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Beard Hair Transplant

The beard hair transplant is a treatment very similar to the hair restoration transplant.

It is an autologous surgical procedure, with the transfer of hair from certain areas of the scalp to the beard, reconstructing it.

At Clínica REPLACE, the transplantation technique used is the FUE technique, whose procedure consists of extracting the follicles one by one, requiring no stitches or sutures and whose scars are practically undetectable when correctly performed.


The beard has a different type of hair, naturally stronger and thicker, so the hair to be transplanted will be harvested from the area of the scalp that most closely resembles to your beard. The results will, thus, be natural and definite for the areas of your beard to deal with.

It is important that you select your treatment with a full follow-up from your medical surgeon, the only professional able to guide you through the appropriate treatment and to designate all the medical indications as well as to keep you well-informed of the whole procedure before, during and after the surgery.

One of Clinica REPLACE main goals is to guarantee permanent patient support in the search for better answers for the resolution of the desires and dissatisfactions of its patients.

More than treating hair loss or baldness, we are attentive to our patient’s desires and needs.

We are a Clinic from people to people.

Beard Hair Transplant is Recommended for Men:

With a healthy donor area (beard, scalp, or chest);

Over the age of 20;

With patchy or thin beards;

Who wish to conceal facial scars;

Preparation and Recovery

A beard transplant is a simple surgery where the patient is discharged on the same day and can resume normal life 2 days after the procedure. In addition to fasting for 8 hours, the patient should avoid consuming tobacco and alcohol in the days preceding the hair transplant.

The postoperative period is also very calm and leaves no scar on the face. Typically, the beard area may have some swelling and redness in the first week after the procedure. For the first 5 days, one should not wash the beard due to somewhat bothersome itching, as dryness helps in the effective healing of the follicular units. Remember that scratching the affected area can cause scarring. The correct procedure is to use creams and anti-inflammatories prescribed by the doctor to prevent infections and relieve pain that the new beard may cause in the first week. Using sunscreen abundantly is recommended for men who are highly exposed to the sun in the first month postoperatively.

Beard Hair Transplant in 3 Steps:

Extracting Follicular Units from the Donor Area: Hair follicles are removed from the donor area, which is the back of the scalp. This involves an efficient collection of beard hair using the FUE technique, where each follicle is individually removed, and the integrity of the strands is preserved.

Preparing the Recipient Area: In this phase, the surgeon creates holes at the right angle and shape to accommodate the follicular units. The precision of this procedure is essential for achieving natural and aesthetically pleasing results.

Implantation of Hair Follicles: This is the final step where the beard transplant is carried out. Each hair follicle is carefully and precisely placed in the holes, taking into account the direction of hair growth and appropriate distribution for a uniform appearance. It’s important to manage expectations regarding the beard transplant between the initial appearance and the final result, as beard strands are only noticeable after 4 or 5 months.

  • Effectively treats the lack of beard

  • Hair transplant made with the F.U.E technique by doctors chosen and supervised by dr. fatima garcês

  • Definitive results in the treated capillary area.

  • Full and constant patient monitoring

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