Innovative hair treatments suited to each patient.  Clínica REPLACE  is synonymous with quality and innovation in hair treatments in Portugal. After pioneering the FUE technique in Portugal, Dr. Fátima Garcês innovates again providing Biofibre hair restoration implants, a solution for patients with a weak donor area that cannot do a hair transplant.

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5 Reasons To Choose Clínica REPLACE

  • Surgeries executed by Surgeons

    The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has launched and important alert: hair transplant surgeries must be executed by certified doctors.

    At Clínica REPLACER, our medical team is responsible for the surgery and the doctor monitors the patient since the first appointment.

  • More than 11 Years of Experience

    Clínica REPLACE is made of a team of certified doctors and nurses with more than 10 years of experience in hair transplants and treatments. Experience and proven results all together with a Patient Care mission.

    Total patient and doctor satisfaction is our goal.

  • Exclusive Biofibre® Hair Implant Treatment

    The Biofibre Implant is a surgical procedure totally safe, clinically tested and certified when performed by a qualified doctor. Clínica REPLACE doctors are certified by Medicap and Biofibre Implant it’s an exclusive treatment in Portugal.

  • The Most Recent and Innovative Techniques

    Clínica REPLACE invests in research and scientific investigation for identification of the best curative treatment and improvement of the efficacy of the medical-surgical procedures. It was founded by Dr. Fátima Garcês, a surgeon with more than 11 years of experience in micro hair transplant and Biofibre® implant. The treatments using FUE techniques and robotic system ARTAS® are pioneers in Portugal and the Biofibre® implant is an exclusive treatment in response of different types of baldness, that cannot be resolved with a hair transplant.

  • Dr Fátima Garcês Seal of Quality

    Clínica Replace was founded by Dr. Fátima Garcês, a surgeon with more than 11 years of experience in micro hair transplant and pioneer of FUE technique in Portugal.

    Her mission is to take care of her patients hair health and wellbeing by following each case individually since the first capilar evaluation.

    Patient Care it’s her main goal.

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Innovative and high technology hair treatments suited to each patient.

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Meet our Founder and Clinical Director Dr. Fátima Garcês

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  • 15 years of experience with excellent results. A team of doctors and nurses chosen and supervised by Dr. Fátima Garcês
  • High Technology Hair Restoration Systems
  • High Performance Team – 3000 to 3200 grafts per day in most cases. This is the number we desire for all patients suffering from hair loss in the front and top of the head.
  • The World’s first choice
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