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Hair Transplant

The surgical procedure is painless after administration of local anesthesia. There are some times when you may feel some discomfort or soreness, although it is always bearable. Discomfort may occur at the onset of local anesthesia administration and in the early stages of wound healing of the donor area. Replace provides painkillers and any other medication needed for the patient to take home and administer on a preventive basis.

The patient undergoing transplantation of 2,000 or more follicles, without complications, remains under surveillance on the day of surgery and on the following day. At Clínica REPLACE, the postoperative care is mandatory and for a complete follow-up during this period, we offer the patient a night at the Hotel VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel and Spa, 700 m from the clinic, whose setting and comfort are suitable for the start of the recovery process, which is expected to be relatively swift and trouble-free. This hotel night is part of our treatment and is included in the fee.

The noticeable growth of the first hair in the center and frontal areas, occurs between the 4th and 6th month, and in the “crown” or occipito-parietal area, between the 6th and 8th month. The final result, in the center and front, is expected in the 10th month and in the “crown” or occipito-parietal area at the end of the 16th month.

When performing a hair transplant, be certain to receive the Informed Consent document in advance. Also make sure that the surgeon who will perform the surgery has full knowledge about your medical condition and that you have fulfilled with all pre-surgery recommendations. That is why in Clinica REPLACE the surgeon follows the patient since the 1st consultation.

In addition to specific recommendations for each case, the ingestion of blood flow stimulants or blood thinners prior to the procedure (such as coffee, chocolate, vitamin complexes, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, etc.) prior to the procedure is discouraged. Also we strongly advise the adoption of open type shirts, that lower the risk of scraping the head and for a greater comfort in the after-treatment.

Yes, the fee for the transplant includes one night at the VIP Grand Lisboa Hotel and Spa, 700 meters from the clinic, whose atmosphere and comfort are suitable to begin a recovery that is expected to be fairly fast and without problems.

In this way, the patient remains under medical supervision in the most critical period. The night in the Hotel is reserved for you and for your companion or family member you wish to accompany you. Your well-being is our main concern. The night at the hotel is not included in the transplants for beard and eyebrows, treatments of Mesotherapy and Anti-fall with laser.

We advise against the return to professional in the next 10 days after surgery, considering that it is a period for resorption of fluids administered until the disappearance of any eventual edema. Each patient is unique, so that the surgeon, who attended, followed and performed the surgery, can analyze the clinical process and advice or discourage certain action or conduct, such as the early start of the professional activity, before the completion of the 10 days. Speak with your surgeon to counsel you on the best time to return to work.

Biofibre® Hair Implant

Yes, you may dye your hair after the implant but you should ask for your doctor which type of dye you can use.
You will be given a post-op care Kit to wash your hair and instructions from your doctor.
Yes you may return to your professional activity the day after surgery but is not recommended.
Biofibre® Hair Implant results are immediate and visible after the session. On the same day, the way your hair look changes for the look you always wished for.
Biofiber is compatible with the scalp of a large percentage of the population. For a safe and tested process, 100 fibers are implanted which for 3-4 weeks will test the scalp compatibility. After 3-4 weeks the scalp is analyzed. An inflammatory reaction around these fibers makes implantation impossible and the 100 fibers are removed. A scalp that has maintained itself well during that time can receive the implants. This process guarantees safety in the use of biofibers.
Biofibra hair can fall up to 10% per year. With periodic replacements, for example yearly, it maintains the desired density.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Our recommended treatment protocol is to wear the cap for 30 minutes every other day. Your provider however may recommend an alternative protocol.
If you are compliant with your treatment, typically you will have noticeable improvement in 4 to 6 months.
LaserCap is not associated with any serious adverse side effects. A small percentage of LaserCap users have reported a mild headache, and minor pruritus of the scalp (an itchy or tingling sensation). If experienced at all, these side effects are always transient, occurring only during use.
Yes! LaserCap is equally effective in both men and women.
Yes! LaserCap is effective in combination with all other treatments for hair loss. Your provider may recommend a combination therapy for improved results.

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